They fend...

So here is  my entry to this new edition of Ludum Dare ! As a reminder, the theme was "Entire Game on One Screen". In this case, I have taken the concept to the end by bringing title screen, game screen and end screen together on the same single screen !

This thing is named "They fend for themselves" and rightly, I'd rather let you fend for yourself to understand this game, I think it would be funnier... but for the less adventurous I can give some hints.

Quickly you will discover 4 different characters you can take possession by clicking on it and activate by clicking somewhere else. Each one has its own characteristic and your job is to discover what to do to reach the ending screen ! One more hint, look at the main panels and how words are splitted...

That's all for the game itself. And now it's time for a first feeling about this 48h development: I would say I am happier than usual. This doesn't mean I am really satisfied but I think there is progress compared to previous Ludum Dare, particularly on graphism, I had more time to work on them. In fact, the only things I don't like is my panel, they are very ugly ! :/ yurk !

Coming soon, the full timelapse of the week end. And later a post mortem if I am courageous ;) (and in english only if I feel very courageous)

Have fun !