LD30 - Switch Off

It's already almost a week since Ludum Dare was over, it was time to present my creation on this website: Switch Off.

As announced the subject is the story of two characters from TV that should turn off the TV by teleporting between two worlds: their own and the real world. The game is a short adventure game.

The commands:

  • LEFT and RIGHT to move Captain Goodhy
  • UP to interact with objects
  • E to teleport... E like Energy Scotty !

The game has a lot of dialogues and has a reference to a good series that has started its new season the same weekend: Doctor Who ! I let people who complete the game to discover the wink.

Although fully playable, the game is far from perfect, it was necessary to set priorities. These priorities are: concept, intro and gameplay to make it a playable game. In terms of graphics, I wanted to prioritize above also but again it happened at the very end and it is far from what I wanted to put there. I'm not really happy with my walk animation.

I got some interesting feedback on the concept, and I think there is material to do an interesting puzzle game. I'll probably rework it to make a real game with different types of puzzles and different graphic worlds.

Every feedback is welcome, especially critics. Have fun with little game !