LD30 - start

Woke up this morning with an headache and no idea for "Connected World". But after a few hours, my head seems to be back and I have found an idea which doesn't look too bad !
During last LD, I was jaming with my friends of Ecotone and I was pretty proud of the result. This time I am solo and I know my entry won't be as good as it was but I'll do my best !
So what is my game about ? It's about a guy watching television and falling asleep... except the TV is still on and the characters from the movie are tired and want to go to bed ! So they must find a way to switch off the tv. And guess how this can be possible ? That's because fiction world and reality world are ... CONNECTED ! yeah !
The tools:
- stencyl
- asesprite
- sunvox
- ipod
- fruits