Hello World !

Pour la version française, c'est par ici

Welcome on Ghost In The Soft ! Now in english or almost ;)

If you're interested in digital creation which doesn't take itself seriously, you knocked at the right door. Even if there is no door.

On the top menu, you can follow my main project, Ludwig Van Beetle, an ambitious musical point & click adventure game. About the pace of development, I am closer to snail than beetle dung but it will be released one day, I promised.

Beyond this major project, there is a section called Stuff With Things Inside where I put small games like my Ludum Dare entries for example.

Otherwise, I have now joined the Sundae Factory team to make great games, so you will probably found here some stuff about it and Ecotone. You can also find me on the Sundae Factory website.

Finally, if you are interested in my little point of view, you can look at your right or follow me on Twitter... but expect some french from time to time ;)

Have a nice journey !